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defense for two hundred and forty thousand euro some great books as people with the bonus i've read jokes but fact is that students go to bed. it is a medicine student loan assistance under the counter payments. and i'm not expecting that there is nothing there. i eye. welcome to six one after years of decline and spend stagnation the number of people with jobs has gone up. nations to get from the cso show employment growth is now running as an annual rate of just over three percent the numbers in work have climbed above one point nine million a level not seen since the end of two thousand and nine the government launched its latest job creation strategy the opposition warned it's not enough to get all sectors on their feet the jobs news from the central statistics office was going to employment grew by three point three percent last year the number of people with jobs went up by sixty one thousand tonne now stands at one point nine million the highest level since the end of two thousand and nine. there's been five consecutive quarters of job growth. all these geographic regions and ten o
and to st mary's park in limerick as a tempering defense against flooding. residents say that it has been done to help them improve their home is our living conditions. three hundred houses here were damaged but the feathery the first pensioners mary ryan and her husband thomas aren't used to sitting in deck chairs in their living room. their home destroyed by what she describes as a tsunami of water four weeks ago. does our homes. i talked in years. one of my life and retired four years it's a team a report outlining residents experience is sent to the t shirt today says the response of services to their plight seen on court cases and ineffective the follow up deficient residents did not get home health visits. the barman in particular outstanding car now a problem in homes and people have suffered mouth ulcer and throat infections from exposure to contaminated water residents say it has left them feeling disaffected and forgotten. that includes pre approval. i'm going holcomb that don't. housing minister john o'sullivan said today over one hundred cousins euro had been paid and humanit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2